That’s Just, Like, Your Opinion Man

The lazy manifesto of a Google employee

Men are from Mars

It reads like a bad comedian ranting about how “women and men are just different, so sue me for saying so” , mixed with some good ole’ baby-boomer “I worked hard so why should I help those who haven’t”, sprinkling in a touch of affirmative action bashing and a smattering of strawman argument smashing quips. There’s even a footnotes section where maybe you’d expect to see some proof for his claims, but actually just includes more of his own opinions.

The primary source document for the Google employee manifesto.

Who deserves a piece of the pie?

Look at Google’s own released statistics on the matter. In tech roles, the company is 80/20 men and women, heavily in favor of men. And ethnically, more than 50% are white and around 40% are Asian, leaving about 10% to be divided among the rest of all backgrounds. The numbers change somewhat when you look at the entire company or specifically in non-tech roles but by and large the ethnic makeup of the company doesn’t change while women are far more represented in non-tech roles.

Ugly Truth or Benefit of the Doubt?

A particularly sad anonymous comment from Motherboard’s story that compiles the internal discussion at Google surrounding this document, I think, gets at the core of what is potentially so divisive about this issue, removing the careful asides and qualifying statements about support for diversity that are in the original manifesto:



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